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Matt Shirley here from Splinter Economics! Splinters can be really annoying and painful. But creating long-term wealth from passive income doesn’t have to be.

I have created TWO FREE RESOURCES for you as a small thank you: A 5 Page PDF called “The Passive Income Playbook” and a Table that I personally use for everything admin: Goals, Targets, Clients, etc…

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Make Money Online

There are so many ways we couldn't possibly cover all of them... that doesn't mean we aren't trying to!

Affiliate Marketing

Start an online business the right way. I will teach you my top affiliate marketing tips to get ahead of the 99%.


I provide you with the latest investing tips and thinking. Whether that be Trading, Stocks or Crypto. There's something for you.

Personal Finance

Looking after your personal finance is a vital skill that you need to know. Insurance, tax or building credit I can help!

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